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How to make an order through the website?

Ordering online at works hard to make your experience with as pleasant as possible. In case you would like to learn more about placing an order on, please read further.

Online order

1) You might browse the complete range of products that are offered on by switching the different product categories and choosing the products of your interest. In order to efficiently switch the product categories, use the menu on the left of the webpage. Moreover, you might make use of the search function in order to find the desired products faster.
Each product item that is offered on has the description and its image. In order to read the product description, click on the products name or its photo and you will appear on the products webpage. Once you choose the product you would like to buy, choose the amount of desired items and click add to shopping cart button. In the top right corner of the webpage you will see your shopping cart with all added items and the total price of your order.
2) Once you filled your shopping cart with all the desired products, you can finalize your order. Click on the shopping cart in the top right corner of the webpage in order to see all the products that you have chosen. If you want to remove any products from the shopping cart, select the product you would like to delete and press the delete button and it will disappear. The recalculated total price will appear once you delete any products from the shopping cart.
3) Make sure that your order is correct and there are no wrong items in the shopping cart. You will not be able to make any changes to the order, once you complete it. After you make sure that the order is correct, you can press proceed to the personal details button.
4) If you are not registered on the system will offer you to fill in all the personal details that are required to complete your order. If you have a personal account on our website, you just need to authorize yourself by filling in your email and password, and your personal details will appear automatically. Make sure that the displayed information is correct. Once you complete this step press proceed to the shipping information button.
5) Fill in the address, where you would like the delivery to be made. You may choose a delivery address that is different than the shipping address. For example, you can choose to have goods delivered at your work while the receipt is send to your home address. Also, you can specify the particular date (not earlier than 2 days since the moment of purchase) when the delivery should be made, if you have any specific preference. Once you are ready, click continue to the payment information button.
6) On the new webpage you will be requested to choose the preferred method of payment and fill in the details with regard to your payment method. Once you finish this step, click continue with the final order button.
7) On the new webpage all the details with regard to you final order will be displayed. Check once again that all the information is correct and up to date. If your shipping address is different from your living address, make sure that this is mentioned in your final order. Once you make sure that all the information is correct click proceed to the checkout button in order to complete your order. You will receive an email with the confirmation of your order once it is completed and when we receive your payment and your goods are sent for delivery.


Thank you for your interest in how to make an order on our website. values its customer relations and in case you have any troubles with your orders or want to offer any improvements, do not hesitate to contact us personally. Customer service
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