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Transport costs

Transport costs include labour, packing materials, delivery, and insurance. Transport costs are estimated once the order amount and the country of recipient are confirmed. You pay less transport costs as your order amount increases.
Transport costs are all-inclusive, in euro and include VAT.

Delivery costs
Order amount
0.01 - 19.99
20.00 - 49.99
50.00 - 99.99
Above 100.00
Delivery conditions

Area of delivery is ready to offer a delivery of whole range of products presented on the website to home, office or any other location within and outside the borders of the Netherlands. Orders that are placed in are handled with utmost care and the products are delivered in excellent quality and in due time.

Product quality control while delivery

We take great care in assuring the quality of our product before, during and after sending. We achieve this through the use of special material to pack your products for shipment. We seal each product in a airtight bag and provide extra layers of protection. We believe the quality of the product while delivery is the highest priority! Furthermore, we do our best to offer you low prices en we delivery your order within 24hrs after leaving our warehouse.

Delivery times

The time in which the delivery of the shipment is going to be made, depends on the time of the order placement. is aiming at full customer satisfaction, and thats why it is striving for the minimization of the customers waiting time.
- The orders that are completed on weekdays before 13.00 are delivered by the courier within 2 working days.
- The orders that are completed on weekdays after 13.00 are going to be delivered by the courier within 3 working days.
- Orders that are placed in the weekend are delivered on Tuesday.

Holidays and Weekends

The orders that are completed during the weekends or holidays are going to be delivered within two days after the weekend or the last day of the holiday.

Delivery within 24hrs

In case you would like your goods delivered within one day, please contact us Customer service.

Delivery notification

You will be notified automatically via the e-mail when your shipment leaves the warehouse. In case we fail to deliver a shipment in 1-2 days since the completion of your order, you will receive an extra notification on your email, specifying the new delivery date.
If your order fails to be delivered within the designated time and you do not receive any information on that matter, please contact us. It is possible that the order was not sent due to a malfunction or disturbance in the network.


If you have any extra questions with regard to the delivery of the orders, do not hesitate to contact us Customer service. Our employees will offer you their full attention and professional assistance with regard to any question in a timely manner.
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