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Welcome to Atoko Netherlands!

Dear visitors and relations,
We are glad to welcome you at Atoko, a personal online shopping center with the goal of providing you with a large selection of international products, carefully selected for their quality and origin. Atoko was founded in 2012 (the Hague, Netherlands) starting with a idea to modernize the shopping experience and offer you more choices and information on international products. We are proud to provide you a 24hour delivery service for a wide range of class A international products, including foods, drinks, cosmetics, grocery baskets and much more.
Our mission is to provide you with more healthy choices and improve your shopping experience by making it as comfortable and quick as possible. In order to reach these goals, we place our Customers at the core of all our services, which are based on the 4 main values and norms of Atoko: Integrity, Responsibility, Convenience and Harmony. We believe that sticking to these values will help us to benefit society and build long-term relationships with our customers.
Recent shopping trends indicate, that nowadays customer are getting more time conscious. That creates a situation, when customers often prefer convenience at the expense of health, and decide to eat fast food instead of a healthy and natural meal. We believe that such situation is inacceptable, as we cherish time and health equally. Thats why our services are aimed at solving that problem.
Now you can make your shopping online at Atoko right from your home or office. Just sit, relax and browse through the webshop as if you are walking through your local supermarket. This way, you will not be surrounded with lots of people or have a risk of product absence on the shelves. After you filled your shopping basket, your order is going to be delivered at the desired location at the most convenient time for you. This way you do not have to spend time in traffic driving to the shop, and in the queues paying for your groceries. As a result, shopping at Atoko allows you to save time, nerves and money. We believe that there exists a much more productive and enjoyable usage for your time and money, and we are happy to help you with that.
On top of that, we are proud to present you with a extensive range of 100% natural products that are completely free from preservatives, artificial coloring and any food additives. Give a try to numerous natural and healthy spices, beans, lentils, snacks and even ready-made meals, and open a new world of delicious meals for yourself. And if you feel like you might lack knowledge of using these products, we are welcoming you into the Recipe section of our website, that contains detailed cooking instructions for dozens of different food recipes that are going to make you a culinary expert in seconds. Or contact us for any information you would like or for new product suggestions. We are at your service!
By making your first purchase at Atoko, you open the first page in our long-term relationship. And it is our duty to make this relationship pleasant and trustworthy. And we prefer to do our duties, because only then we know that Atoko exists for a positive reason!

With kind regards,
Team Atoko Netherlands
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